Employment Opportunities - PC Technician


 We are looking for experienced and disciplined individuals who have computer technical background of a minimum of three years. You must have the basic knowledge assembling, configuration, and troubleshooting a PC in both hardware and software. Knowledge in DOS/Window, Windows95/98 is a must.

Some knowledge of MS NT, Novell LAN, and network configuration would be preferred.

You will support customers in-house and on site. We are an authorized dealer for all major computer manufacturers including Apple, IBM, Compaq, HP and Novell.

Fluency in English both spoken and written is a must. Most of our customers will rely on your hardware expertise for recommendations. Our post sales support is as important as our pre-sale support.

Full benefits included with positions.

Please fax (626-723 7799) or e-mail all inquiries and resumes to slrchan@kis.us

Richard Chan


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