"We Keep It Simple"
Richard Chan, President 
Message from the President
Since 1983, I experienced many major changes in computer industry. We heard enough of how Bill Gate started his computer kingdom from his garage, and how Michael Dell operated his business in the dormitory. When I first started in computer sales, IBM was the king and the only standard. All other brands were considered to be compatibles. The professional training in Computerland and IBM’s “Face to Face” sales training influenced me a lot. I realized since; how important it is of sales from adding value to the products to the ultimate goal of obtaining customers’ satisfaction. I was not impressed of the astronomical sales revenue but the true meaning of business operations: realistic profitability, proper management, well prepared strategy and thoughtful implementation.

I worked very closely with my bankers, manufacturers’ managers and business friends. With their blessings and help of my partners, KIS Computer Center started in 1987. We have had steady growth every year since; in both sales and profit margin even in the toughest year of 2000, it is no exception. 

KIS Computer Center will continue its growth in manageable fashion under controllable overhead expense. We shall continue to run our business diligently and honestly just like in the past.  We shall never undermine or shortcut our customers’ services, but to exceed their expectation as always.

I sincerely thank you for your business and your generous help. I am humbly waiting for your comments. rchan@kis.org

Richard Chan
CEO & Founder

Message 10/20/2005