Technical Support

KIS Computer Center focuses on delivering products and services to help schools and companies build, manage and enhance their distributed PC network environments. We have structured our service offerings to support every stage in the life cycle of your computing needs.

Our technical support comes in two phases: Initially our sales professionals will follow up a service request call by asking pertinent questions and will offer solutions in their capacity. If a problem goes beyond the technical limits of what our sales team can handle it will then be assigned to one of the members in our technical support team who is most familiar with the environment where the problem exists. Our goal is to solve the problem on the first call over the telephone. If the problem warrants subsequent follow-up or an on-site visit our technical staff will diligently pursue the best solution for our clients until it is satisfactorily resolved. Our relationships with all the major manufacturers allow us to receive quick responses from their technical support team on behalf of our clients when it comes under the manufacturer's warranty service.

Our fully-staffed service department handles any task from repairs and upgrades of PC equipment to installing a Wide Area Network. We have the best-qualified technicians on our staff who are trained and certified by manufacturers such as Apple, Compaq, HP and IBM to render the highest level of quality support for our clients.

Additionally, we offer our major clients service maintenance agreements for maximum protection at a reasonable rate. Mission critical service requests will receive response times in a matter of hours to minimize down time. Network installations are all performed by our systems engineers (CNE & MCSE) to ensure the highest quality of work. Our technicians are also experienced in repairing any laser printers and monitors either on-site or at depot. References for our technical staff are gladly provided when formally requested. Note that technical support is only available to customers with a Service Contract or that have purchased products that are under warranty.



Technical support is available only to customers with a Service Contract or
Purchased Products that are under warranty.

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